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Amplify Strength-based Co-Leadership

«As our world starts to emerge and change, resilient leaders need to inspire their teams to navigate through significant uncertainties. »

Deloitte (2020)

Individual and Group Coaching

MyStrengths Discovery™ for professionals

Individual Coaching for Professionals

Personalized coaching

This package allows you to rediscover your Strengths and identify what you do best beyond your expertise. You will identify ways to use your Strengths and to maximize your success in today’s reality.


Coaching 1

Rediscover Your Strengths

Outcome:  Unleash Your Strengths

Resources included:

  • CliftonStrengths 34 questionnaire
  • Toolbox

MyStrengths Discovery™ for Leaders

Individual Coaching for Leaders

A unique journey for Leaders who want to elevate to the next level or increase their professional agility.


Coaching 1

Rediscover Your Strengths

Coaching 2

Amplify Your Leadership and Potential

Outcome: Your Success Plan

Resources included:

  • CliftonStrengths 34 questionnaire
  • Toolbox

Strengthsbased Co-Leadership™

Strengths-based Group Coaching for Leaders

Launch and Digital Orientation

Coaching 1

Rediscover Your Strengths in a Context of Complexity

Coaching 2

Amplify your Leadership and Potential

Coaching 3

Flash-CoDev™ – Co-Leadership and Strengths

Coaching 4 & 5

With two CoachingOurselves modules selected to meet your needs.

« There is one quality that sets truly great managers apart from the rest: They discover what is unique about each person and then capitalize on it. »

Marcus Buckingham

Co-Leadership in a Context of Complexity

Co-Leadership Journey™

Leadership Learning Journey

More than ever, we are facing complex challenges that require leaders to call on diverse repertoires of Leadership. This journey allows you to be inspired by other Leaders, to rediscover your Strengths and to dare to explore different practices to amplify your capacity for action in our new reality.

Launch and Digital Orientation

Module 1

Individual Coaching to Rediscover Your Strengths

Module 2

Becoming a Strengths-based Leader

Modules 4 & 5

Choice of 2 CoachingOurselves modules 

Consolidation of Learning and Integration


« 32% use strengths most of the time at work. »


Leadership Forums and Off-Sites

Co-Design and Coaching

Active Coaching

  • Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Co-Design
  • Preparation of Team or Learning Activities
  • Coaching of Internal Facilitators
  • Review of Impacts and Results


Mobilization, Launch, Facilitation

  • Mobilization of Stakeholders
  • Launch
  • Co-facilitation of Activities

Accelerate the Achievement of Results

Moving Forward

  • Ideas Consolidation
  • Approach to Accelerate Implementation
  • Coaching of Project Leaders
  • Progress Review
  • Celebration of Results