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Grow through action learning – Face-to-Face and On-Line

“Humans learn and develop much more through experimentation and feedback than through lectures and decontextualized content.”

HEC Revue Gestion – Points de vue, 2017 (translation).

Tools and Approaches


Co-development is an approach used to consolidate a professional practice and implement enduring organizational change. On a practical level, groups of five to eight people meet regularly for a specific period. During a workshop, one participant brings forward a pressing issue (e.g., project, decision, problem) that is resolved collectively using a structured, seven-step consultation method. A facilitator supports learning, guides the group and prompts it into individual and collaborative action. Each discussion becomes an insightful learning experience.

Action learning groups combine the professional co-development approach with peer-coaching, readings, lectures and training sessions.

Why use co-development?
  • To develop leaders through action learning
  • To break down silos and foster cooperation
  • To encourage innovation, agility and change
Services offered
  • Setting up co-development and action learning groups
  • Facilitating workshops and simulations to learn more about co-development
  • Facilitating groups (leaders, project managers, professionals, coaches, facilitators)
  • Training and coaching facilitators
  • Face-to-Face and On-Line
Co-development: An eloquent testimonial

(Translation) The opportunity to talk about my business problems and to learn from the experience of other participants, with the support and tools provided in the co-development group, made it possible to fast-track my company’s growth.
– Vice-president, member of a co-development group



Face-to-face and On-Line

The CoachingOurselves peer coaching approach was developed in collaboration with McGill University professor Henry Mintzberg to consolidate leadership communities within organizations. Using modules prepared by distinguished experts, participants discuss specific themes and experiences based on theoretical concepts. The 90-minute modules discuss subjects such as

  • innovation, leadership and management
  • change and communication management
  • development of talent
  • team performance and mobilization
Why use peer coaching?
  • To develop leaders through action learning
  • To accelerate the development of emerging leaders
  • To maximize team building and performance
  • To organize a leadership forum
  • To start new conversations within the organization (with over 80 modules in English and French)
  • Supporting group set-up and choice of modules
  • Training and certifying internal facilitators
  • Moderating a pilot group
  • Facilitating groups of managers
  • Facilitating intact teams (VP with managers or team)
  • Organizing leadership forums
  • Face-to-Face and On-Line
Fee structure
  • Individual licence
  • Licence for a forum or event
  • Corporate licence
On-line Flash-CoDev
In person Flash-CoDev


Group mentoring helps emerging groups of leaders benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of mentors and guides them to their medium-term professional and personal development goals. The ultimate goal: to enhance the autonomy, self-confidence and ability to act on their professional development.

  • Implementing group mentoring initiatives
  • Creating and facilitating virtual communities of peers
  • Accelerating mentorships through the strengths approach (Strengthsfinder)
  • Supporting matching committees
  • Face-to-Face and On-Line


Sabourin Consult Group Inc. also offers made-to-measure training sessions and workshops for teams, employees and HR professionals:

For leaders 
  • Mobilizing teams around objectives (1 day)
  • Tools for working and communicating better with others (1 1/2 days)
  • Myself as a leader (half or full day)
Pour les employés et les équipes
  • Getting to know each other to better communicate and work together (1 day)
  • I have my development plan (half day)
  • Discover my strengths and talents (half to full day)
For facilitators of co-development groups
  • Initiation to facilitating co-development groups (2 days)
  • Consolidating guidance leadership and facilitation skills (1 day)
For HR professionals
  • The people side of team project mangement: toolbox for HR professionals (2 days)