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Co-create | Mobilize

Our goal is to unite groups in aligning their objectives, hosting leaders’ forums or building high-performance teams. This approach is highly recommended for performance issues, business mergers, restructuring or after an engagement survey.
We suggest using participatory approaches to stimulate collective intelligence and creativity while paving the way for developing concrete action plans and implementing effective solutions.

Tools and Approaches

WORLD CAFÉ (structured or open)

Organized in small groups, participants sit around tables to talk about specific topics. All participants, except one, move between tables to share their ideas with a new group. As they move from table to table, ideas are transformed in unexpected ways, sparking collective intelligence. Priorities are then established and a consensus is reached.

We can customize the World Café approach with a more structured or open-ended formula to meet the needs of teams and organizations.

For 10 to 100 or more people.



This method mobilizes working groups around a specific issue or mission, making them responsible for creating their own agenda and choosing their topics of importance. The facilitator explains the topic and goal, encourages participants to think about talking points, and provides discussion guidelines. Afterwards, participants prepare a report, outlining the key points and suggested actions. A process to prioritize and implement solutions is then devised.

For 20 to 200 or more people.



Inspired by the appreciative inquiry approach, we guide work teams through a participatory process to review the current situation, develop a shared vision of success and draw up a plan to return to mobilization and performance.