Build Cross-Silo Leadership – Professional Co-development

Professional Co-development allows organizations to evolve their culture, accelerate the development of competencies, remobilize their leaders, and put in place organizational change through collaboration and the co-creation of novel solutions.

The process involves groups of 5-8 people, coming from the same organization or diverse settings. They provide beneficial feedback to each other regarding real situations they are currently facing. This is a collaborative learning space, where participants apply the Co-development values, principals, and methodologies to improve their individual and collective practice.

During a workshop, one participant takes on the role of the “Client-Coachee” and describes an aspect of their professional practice they wish to strengthen, a project to implement, a challenge to resolve, a goal to achieve, or a complex decision to be made. The “Client-Coachee” benefits from the collective intelligence of the group thanks to the help of their peers who take on the role of “Consultant-Coaches”. The Co-development methodology outlines 7 steps that enables the “Client-Coachee” to enrich his/her understand of their challenge and accelerate their capacity for action. In addition, the challenge serves as a learning opportunity for the entire group, allowing the “Consultant-Coaches” to identify potential solutions that can be applied to their own professional practices.

To achieve this, Professional Co-development is based on the principle of goodwill, built around the following pillars : mutual help between participants; respect for each person’s ideas and the capacities of each person; individual and collective engagement in the process, and of course confidentiality, discretion, and authenticity in regards to what is shared.