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Activate team strengths

Activate Your Team’s Strengths and Synergies

For Leaders and Teams
CoDev Implement™

Co-create and Learn from Each Other

For Leaders and Teams

Amplify Co-Leadership

Amplify your Co-Leadership

For Leaders and Teams


Progress to the next level, rediscover your strengths, amplify your Co-Leadership with others to succeed in today's reality.

Break down silos

Break down silos and stimulate the co-creation of new ideas.

Stimulate creativity

Participate in dynamic spaces for reflection, creativity and co-learning.

Ignite action

Move forward and equip yourself to lead with impact.

Become a team with a bold vision

Grow into an engaged, autonomous and Strengths-based team.

Team up

Team up with seasoned leader-coaches / facilitators.

What you will gain

Amplify your individual and team Co-Leadership by rediscovering your strengths and those of your teams. Build a vision to achieve your aspirations with a renewed confidence. Propel agility and trust in the new reality. 

Reach new heights. Transform ideas into innovative projects and achievements. Ignite progress by co-creating solutions, co-learning and vitalizing synergy for enhanced empowerment and optimal performance.

Co-create spaces to stimulate connections, open new perspectives and align action plans. Discover participatory approaches to innovate, learn from each other and accelerate the achievement of goals and projects.

CoachingOurselves certified facilitator
Action learning

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Activate Team Strengths & Synergy

Activate Team Strengths & Synergy

Shape a Bold Vision and Move Forward

Stimulate Team Creativity

Co-create and Learn from Each Other

Flash-CoDev Teams™

Accelerate projects, creativity and co-learning.

Flash-CoDev Circles™

Introduce CoDev in your Leadership Forums or training courses.

CoDev Implement™

Set-up CoDev groups in your organization.

CoDev KnowledgeUp™

Sharpen your ability to set-up and facilitate CoDev groups.

CoDev Kickstart™

Learn how to become a CoDev facilitator.

Amplify Strength-based Co-Leadership

Individual and Group Strengths Coaching

Strengths-based Co-Leadership in Context of Complexity

Leadership Forums and Off-Sites.

Sabourin Consult Group inc. celebrates 
its 15th anniversary!

Thank you to all of our clients from companies large and small, public organizations and professional associations from various sectors.


Sabourin Consult Group inc. has been our trusted and dynamic partner for over ten years. Always anchored in future trends and research, their experienced coachs help us navigate through our business challenges. They optimize team performance in inspiring ways and dares us to think outside the box. Their approaches stimulate performance and enable us grow as Leaders with new reflections as well as pragmatic and creative solutions. With their individual and group coaching, we built effective and engaging Leadership Forums. We co-created action plans and enabled commitment to achieve our objectives (Gallup Strengthsfinder, World Café, Open Forum, Appreciative approaches, CoDev). I value the services of Sabourin Consult Group inc. who does not hesitate to work behind the scenes, allowing me to distribute leadership within the team in addition to fostering autonomy and empowerment.
General Manager
Jean-François Pouliot
Do you have business or organizational challenges with your culture, talent or engagement? Do you want to develop your leaders differently? Are you looking for expertise in organizational development and an experienced bilingual team? Sabourin Consult Group inc. will inspire you with its creative and concrete ideas, its coaching and facilitation skills and its tailor-made solutions based on participative methods such as World Café, CoDevelopment and the Strengths-based approach. Sabourin Consult Group inc. will help you position talent at the heart of your business success.
V.P. Culture & Talents
Catherine Lemyre
You can count on the team of Sabourin Consult Group inc. to help you exceed your objectives. Over the past ten years, as General Manager and members of various Executive Committees, I have established a unique partnership with Sabourin Consult Group inc. to implement inspiring and highly participatory team mobilization initiatives with Leaders and employees. With the support of their experienced coaches, we were able to effectively co-create a common vision, co-establish our priorities and align actions to achieve our goals and achieve multiple transformations. Sabourin Consult Group inc. integrates Strengths-based approaches (Gallup Strengthsfinder) which amplifies trust in teams, enhances collaboration and accelerates projects implementation. Now as a Strengths-based Leader, I effectively stimulate the potential and talent of each member in my team. The Strengths approach is an effective method for developing co-leadership and synergy within the Leadership Team.
General Manager
Chantal Riopel
As an executive, I participated for three years in CoDev groups accompanied by Sabourin Consult Group inc. They stand out with their ability to create stimulating and enriching learning spaces. CoDev allowed me to take a step back from action and grow as Leader with new concrete means to strengthen my leadership practice. Their CoDev method combined with their expertise in participatory approaches stimulates effective conversations between leaders. They allows us to learn in a climate of trust and creativity as well as work more across silos. The CoDev groups have contributed to my daily practice by improving my communication, listening and collaborative skills, while building my problem-solving abilities.
Executive Director
Marie-Kim Bolduc
We strongly recommend Sabourin Consult Group inc. seasoned Leadership coaches to all Leaders who aspire to mobilize and grow their Teams as well as equip themselves with effective participatory approaches to create concrete solutions, move forward and accelerate success. Sabourin Consult Group inc. pivoted our Team Development process in an impactful online format. With Strengths-based coaching (group and one-on-one), the team defined the vision of our business unit and built an engaging road map to achieve our goals. We defined concrete actions to stimulate collaboration and synergy for more collective and individual performance.
Principal Director & Director
Jérôme Bédane & Sybille Lopez
Thanks to the dynamic and creative coaching of Sabourin Consult Group inc., I set up for 5 years, several action-learning groups co-development groups for entrepreneurs and HR managers of SMEs. These collaborative spaces entitled - Pro-action Networks - have become a recognized means in the community to effectively find ambitious solutions to the challenges of entrepreneurship and to mobilize with more confidence thanks to the synergy of a network of peers. The results of this initiative have been presented at numerous conferences, including the one on entrepreneurial innovations organized by HEC-Montréal. Sabourin Consult Group Inc. stands out for its ability to establish trusting partnerships and break the isolation of entrepreneurs and managers.
Innovation and Development Advisor - for entrepreneurs
Véronique Perreault

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